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The Eubanks AutoStrips are fully programmable all-electric wire processors. They offer a unique combination of versatility and ease of operation. AutoStrips allows you to cut and strip a wide range of wire sizes and to change parameters such as strip length and wire diameter with the touch of a button. AutoStrips will handle a wide range of sizes and depending on the model, you can process from 32 to 10 AWG or 32 to 8 AWG or 32 to 4 AWG single conductor stranded wires.

The AutoStrips can also cut and strip flat cables and multi-conductor cables. Their system of operation is accurate, rapid and reliable and quiet. All functions, including wire length, strip length, wire gauge, full or semi-strip mode, and batch quantity can be changed just by keying in a few numbers or calling up a program. System control is easy, whether operating through the integral key-board or from a remote computer. Learn more about how AutoStrips work.

  • The Model 4900 is a compact AutoStrip, a small machine with big machine performance. Like its stable mates, it will cut and strip wire as small as 32 AWG (0.03mm2). It will handle wire as large as 10 AWG (6mm2), and flat cable and multi-conductor cable up to 1/4" (6mm) in diameter or width. The Model 4900 uses the same Eubanks blades as the Model 7400. Strip lengths range from 1/32" x 1/32" to 2, 1/2" x 2, 1/2" (0.8mm x 0.8mm to 64 x 64mm). In other words, it covers most wire prep requirements.  A compact tool is used to load the blades into the 4900. No calibration is required with blade change.  The 4900 can be programmed to do step-stripping, mid-stripping and batch counting. Download the Eubanks Engineering AutoStrip 4900 specifications for more detailed information.
  • Next largest in size, the Model 7400 is a rugged, versatile machine. Like the Model 8000, it is capable of producing extremely long strip lengths. If you are cutting a cable to 12-foot lengths and want to strip 12 inches of insulation from one end and 20 inches from the other, simply key in those strip lengths and the 7400 will oblige. It can produce a maximum strip length of 20" x 20" (500mm x 500mm). The 7400 can be programmed to do step-stripping, batch counting and center-stripping. The Model 7400 uses the same Eubanks blades as the Model 4900, and it uses a cassette loading tool to insert the blades. Blade change is done in seconds without the need of calibration.  The 7400 differs from the 8000 in the maximum wire and cable sizes it will handle. The 7400 will cut and strip wire up to 8 AWG (8.6mm2) and multi-conductor and flat cable up to 5/16" (8mm) wide. Download the Eubanks Engineering AutoStrip 7400 specifications for more detailed information.
  • The top-of-the-line 8000 is the fastest and most versatile of the AutoStrip machines. It will accommodate wire sizes from 32 AWG (0.03mm2) up to 4 AWG, stranded wire (22mm2). It also does an excellent job of cutting and stripping flat cable and multi-conductor cable up to 9/16" (14mm) in diameter. With the AutoStrip 8000, strip lengths are almost unlimited.  In fact, it can produce strip lengths of up to 20" (500mm) on both ends. The 8000 uses larger, heavier Eubanks blades than the other machines. A cassette loading tool is used for blade insertion. The 8000 can be programmed to do step-stripping, batch counting, and center-stripping. Download the Eubanks Engineering AutoStrip 8000 specifications for more detailed information.

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