AutoStrip 4900-21/-22

AutoStrip 4900-21/-22

The new 4900 (-21 & -22) is now equipped with a more powerful brushless cut motor.  The new high-precision motor provides more longevity and less maintenance.  It will cut through 10 AWG stranded wire and ¼” Multiconductor cable effortlessly and will precisely strip small delicate 32 AWG wires.

The 4900 has a compact, rugged design perfect for small shops or any department within the company.  The 4900 has an excellent reputation for its long service life, reliability, precision, and ease of maintenance. The 4900 uses high-quality tool steel blades.  Special blades for stripping out-of-round cables, parallel conductor wires, and flat cables are also available. The machine has a built-in blade loading tool that ensures correct blade installation.  The blade changeover is done in seconds without the need for calibration or blade fastening.

Download the Eubanks Engineering AutoStrip 4900 specifications for more detailed information.

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12″H x 20″W x 18″D
(305mm x 508mm x 460mm)


Net: 75 lbs. (34kg)
Shipping: 125 lbs. (57kg)


The Model 4900 production rates vary with wire length, strip length, wire size, blade back-up and wire drive speed and acceleration rates. The maximum production rates for 18 AWG wire (0.82mm2) with a 1/4″ (6mm) semi-strip on each end are:

Strip Both Ends (pieces/hour) Cut Only (pieces/hour)
Wire Length Single Wire Dual Wire Single Wire Dual Wire
4″ (100mm) 3,100 6,200 5,000 10,000
20″(500mm) 2,500 5,000 3,600 7,200
40″ (1M) 2,000 4,000 2,800 5,600
100″(2.5M) 1,300 2,600 1,600 3,200
394″(10M) 500 1,000 525 1,050
600″(15M) 320 640 330 660
1200″(30M) 180 360 190 380


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