The Eubanks AutoStrips are fully programmable all-electric wire processors. They offer a unique combination of versatility and ease of operation. AutoStrips allows you to cut and strip a wide range of wire sizes and to change parameters such as strip length and wire diameter with the touch of a button. AutoStrips will handle a wide range of sizes and depending on the model, you can process from 32 to 10 AWG or 32 to 8 AWG or 32 to 4 AWG single conductor stranded wires.

The AutoStrips can also cut and strip flat cables and multi-conductor cables. Their system of operation is accurate, rapid and reliable and quiet. All functions, including wire length, strip length, wire gauge, full or semi-strip mode, and batch quantity can be changed just by keying in a few numbers or calling up a program. System control is easy, whether operating through the integral key-board or from a remote computer. Learn more about how AutoStrips work.

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