Programmable Machines

The new line of Eubanks AutoStrips are equipped with high-precision, powerful brushless motors.  The new motors use state-of-the-art controllers and provide higher precision and power.  Brushless motors also have a longer service life and require less maintenance.  AutoStrips are designed to process the most popular wire size ranges used in the industry.  Programming, wire length, strip lengths, and strip diameters are all at the touch of a button.  The new AutoStrips can handle a broader range of sizes, and depending on the model, you can process from 32 to 10 AWG or 32 to 6 AWG or 32 to 2 AWG single conductor thin stranded wires.

The AutoStrips can also cut and strip flat cables and multi-conductor cables using special blades and tooling.  Their system of operation is accurate, rapid and reliable, and quiet.  System control is easy, whether operating through the integral key-board or from a remote computer. Learn more about how AutoStrips work.


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