The AutoStrip Series

Eubanks has been the leader in the design and manufacturing of wire stripping machines for more than 60 years–ever since it introduced the first in-line machine in 1956. It demonstrated its creative ability once again with the revolutionary AutoStrip machines.

The Eubanks AutoStrip Series of wire cutters and strippers consists of three machine models–the 8000, 7400 and 4900. All are based on the same advanced design principles. They are fully-programmable, fast, accurate and quiet. They cover an unprecedentedly wide range of wire sizes. The machines differ primarily in the range of wire sizes they will handle and in maximum stripping lengths. Each will handle wire as small as 32 AWG (0.03mm2). The minimum strip length for all models is 1/32″ (0.8mm). The AutoStrip 8000–the most versatile of the three–will process wire up to 4 AWG (22mm2) and multi-conductor cable as large as 9/16″ O.D. (14mm) and it can produce strip lengths of up to 20″ (500mm) on each end of the wire.


AutoStrip machines are easy to operate. You change operating parameters with a few keystrokes–by keying in a few numbers or by calling up a program. You can enter data through a keyboard on the machine or from a remote computer. To change to a different wire or strip length, just call up another program, load the new wire into the machine and press START. The system stores up to 90 programs of wire length, strip length, strip diameter (blade penetration) and program number in battery-backed memory. To enter a completely new program, you simply enter a new program number and key in the data for the new wire.

You load a new wire by inserting the end of the wire between the left drive belts and pressing a key. The machine automatically threads the wire through the drive assemblies and cutterhead. When operated in dual-wire mode, the AutoStrip machines can process two wires at a time, further increasing productivity


Two pairs of durable rubber belts move the wire without slippage. This, together with precise acceleration and deceleration, accounts for the machines’ exceptional wire length accuracy Two closed-loop servo motors drive the wire. These, combined with a fast-response, low-inertia servo motor driving the blades, make for high wire throughput. For example, working in a dual-wire mode, the Model 8000 will process up to 8,800 wires per hour.


Eubanks blades are made of high-grade tool steel selected for its ability to hold an extremely sharp edge. The machines use separate pairs of blades for cutting and stripping so that the strip blades never cut copper. This results in longer blade life than in systems that use one pair of blades for both functions.

You can use V-type blades for a wide range of insulations, including PVC. However, radius V-blades or precision die radius V-blades may be required for some insulations, such as Tefzel, Teflon and irradiated PVC. Precision die radius V-blades are recommended for insulations that are very difficult to strip, including the thin wall insulation on data and communications cables. Radius V-blades and precision die radius V-blades can be changed for different wire sizes in less than a minute.

Heavy duty blade holders support the blades on all sides. The Model 8000 and Model 7400 come with a convenient blade cassette that loads the strip and cut blades into the holder in one step. The blade cassette is an option on the Model 4900, which comes with a special tool for blade handling.

You control blade penetration and retraction, prior to stripping, in increments of 0.001″ (0.0lmm) so that the blades do not scrape the conductor. Like other functions, this is controlled from the keyboard.


The AutoStrip machines reflect the experience gained in more than 40 years of designing and manufacturing reliable, high-performance wire strippers. Every mechanical part and every electrical component used in Eubanks machines has been designed and fabricated for maximum performance and reliability


The AutoStrip display is clear, sharp, and easy to read. You use it to set up and to monitor all system functions. For example, the screen shown above displays the program number, wire length, batch quantity, wires completed and strip diameter (blade penetration). You can use other screens to control a variety of additional functions, including:

  • Strip length
  • Degree of strip movement
  • Step stripping
  • Wire acceleration/deceleration and maximum speed
  • Belt pressure on the wire (8000 and 7400 only)
  • Blade acceleration and deceleration
  • Degree of blade retraction before stripping
  • Remote control from a computer
  • Mark placement using a wire marker

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