The Eubanks 6835 Heavy-Duty Reel Stand is a simple and economical solution for dealing with large spools or reels.  There is no lifting required when dealing with large spools.  To mount reels, just roll them onto the built-in platforms, insert the shaft through the reel, set the adjustable shaft arm support then push off until it locks in place.   The reel is dereeled tangentially to prevent line twists, which often occur in axial dereeling.

Unlike popular floor rollers which depend on good solid spool flanges, the 6835 works the same with wooden spools that arrive with broken flanges.

The 6835 will telescope out to accommodate a 22” wide reel.  The maximum capacity is a 32” Diameter, 300 lb reel.  The 6835 small footprint helps conserve valuable shop floor space.

To learn more download the Eubanks Engineering Model 6835 Heavy-Duty Reel Stand product specifications.