Wire Collectors

  • The 48-inch Short Wire Stacker is a pedestal-mounted, V-shaped trough for collecting short wires produced by an automatic stripper. A rubber wire stop in the trough can be adjusted quickly to handle different wire sizes. Models 3175-01 and 15401-02 have a 48 in (1219mm) trough. Sides of the troughs slope at a 45° angle for easy wire removal. The height is adjustable. Model 3175-01 Is designed to work with all Pneumatic Automatic Wire Strippers. It requires interface Kit No. 15490-03 Model 15401-02 Is designed to work with all AutoStrip electric programmable strippers. It requires interface Kits No. 13747-02 for Models 7600 and 8900. For model 4900 used Kit No. 15316-02. To learn more download the Eubanks Engineering Model 3175-01 and 15401-02 48-inch Short Wire Collector product specifications.
  • This Collector Tube is used to collect short wire lengths. It includes a 36 in (914mm) length of 2 in (51mm) diameter plastic tubing and two plastic end caps along with hardware for mounting the tubing on the side of a wire stripper or marker. The tubing may be cut to the desired length with scissors. Additional lengths of tubing may be ordered as Part No. 6933. The caps are  supplied in pairs as Part No. 6934. The tubes with caps on each end provide a convenient way to store cut and stripped wire. To learn more download the Eubanks Engineering Model 6480 Collector Tube product specifications.


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