The 48-inch Short Wire Stacker is a pedestal-mounted, V-shaped trough for collecting short wires produced by an automatic stripper. A rubber wire stop in the trough can be adjusted quickly to handle different wire sizes. Models 3175-01 and 15401-02 have a 48 in (1219mm) trough. Sides of the troughs slope at a 45° angle for easy wire removal. The height is adjustable.

Model 3175-01
Is designed to work with all Pneumatic Automatic Wire Strippers. It requires interface Kit No. 15490-03

Model 15401-02
Is designed to work with all AutoStrip electric programmable strippers. It requires interface Kits No. 13747-02 for Models 7600 and 8900. For model 4900 used Kit No. 15316-02.

To learn more download the Eubanks Engineering Model 3175-01 and 15401-02 48-inch Short Wire Collector product specifications.