Automatic Wire Stackers

  • The Model 6610 Automatic Wire Stacker is designed to complement all Eubanks AutoStrip wire strippers. It is simple and highly efficient. The AutoStrip's wire ejection belts feed the wire into the stacker's gate. When the wire is cut, a pneumatic pulse from the stripper opens the gate permitting the wire to fall into a collection trough. No electric power is required. A pneumatic tube is the only connection to the wire stripper. Many types and sizes of wire can be stacked efficiently. The maximum length of wire that can be stacked may be limited when the wire is very small and flexible. To learn more please download the Model 6610 Automatic Wire Stacker product specifications.
  • The new Model 6650 Wire Stacker is designed to work with Eubanks air-powered automatic wire strippers. It will stack wire 12 in. to 96 in. in length and operates equally well with both small, flexible wire and large, stiff wire. Feed rolls pick up the wire as it leaves the wire stripper and feed it into a closed channel. After the wire has been cut and stripped, the stacker automatically detects the trailing end of the wire and opens the closed channel to drop the wire into an 8-foot trough. An electric motor drives the feed rolls and compressed air opens and closes the channel. The stacker's high-speed drive mechanism will keep up with a wire stripper operating at maximum feed speed. The feed roll delay in the wire stripper must be increased in order to achieve adequate spacing between successive pieces of wire as they enter the stacker. The stacker is mounted on adjustable-length legs with wheels for easy positioning. It is connected to the wire stripper only by a quick-disconnect air hose. This makes it easy and fast to move the stacker in and out of the production line. The collecting trough is open for easy access to the stacked wires. A built-in clamp and tape measure is provided for quick wire-length verification. To learn more please download the Model 6650 Wire Stacker product specifications.


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