The 6815-07 Flat Cable Prefeed is designed exclusively for the Eubanks Model 4600 Cutter.  It will handle Ribbon cable, Shrink Tubing, Nylon braids, Copper braids, Thin Flat Copper, or any other soft flat material that is rolled in a spool.

The 6815-07 can support on its built-in arm a spool or reel weighing up to 60 Lbs (54kg).

Download the Eubanks Engineering model 6815-07 Flat Cable Prefeed specifications for more detailed information.


The 6815-07 is designed as a stand-alone prefeed and can be used with any make of wire processing machine.  When used with Eubanks 4600-03 Cutter, both the prefeed and the wire processor form an integrated system.  This provides great safety as both prefeed and 4600 will shut down in the event of a wire jam or entanglement at the prefeed end due to poorly wound spools or reels.


Once the proper exit pulley height is set, there are no tools required to operate the 6880-03.  Using the manual toggle switch to load and unload wire will help to safely speed up spool changes.  Using the variable speed control knob, you can achieve maximum synchronization with the wire processor.

A 6880-05 will help increase accuracy in wire lengths and will help relieve any stresses to the materials.