Wire Processors electric or pneumatic are engineered for cutting and stripping wires or cables.  Wire Processors are not designed for pulling the wire off heavy spools.  Pulling wire off heavy spools or reels can overstress and prematurely wear or damage the Wire Processor’s wire drive mechanisms.  The model 6815-05 Prefeed helps protect and prolong the service life of your wire processor as it absorbs the stresses that come from tugging and pulling wire, thus protecting your investment.  The 6815-05 comes equipped with standard wire drive belts made of a unique Kevlar composition.  The Green Kevlar belts have a long wear life and will not mark or damage the wire’s insulation.  The 6815-05 can accommodate from delicate 30 AWG (.06mm²) wire and up to 2/0 AWG (69mm²) flexible thin stranded wires.  The 6815-05 can also support on its sidearm a spool or reel weighing up to 60 lbs (27kg).

Download the Eubanks Engineering model 6815-05 Demand Prefeed specifications for more detailed information.


The 6815-05 is designed as a stand-alone prefeed and can work with any make or brand of wire processing machines.  When paired with a Eubanks wire processing machine, both the prefeed and the wire processor form an integrated system.  This provides safety as both the prefeed and wire processor will shut down in the event of a wire jam or entanglement.


Once the exit pulley height is set, you can quickly load the wire onto the Prefeed’s wire drive by using the manual toggle switch. After threading the wire through the lower buffer pulley, and exit pulley, use the variable speed control knob to achieve maximum synchronization with the wire processor.


The 6815-05 will boost production as it will allow you to program your wire processor at a faster speed.  It will help increase wire length accuracy and will help relieve any stress or deformation to the wire.