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  • This is an optional Windows software package that enables you to use a personal computer to control the AutoStrip. WireManager software handles both the task of wire list data processing and the task of controlling the production of cut and stripped wires by downloading operating instructions to the AutoStrip. It runs under the Windows 10 operating system. The wire list data processing functions allow you to create large lists of wires, called harness files, by entering information for each wire such as length, gauge, strip length, wire type, etc. Coupled with the data for each wire are user programmable machine operating parameters such as wire feed speed, wire acceleration/deceleration, etc. The wires in each harness file can be sorted by wire gauge, wire stock number or part number. The user can create new harness files, load and edit previous harness files, search for a particular wire and print the files. Wire Manager Software enables you to use a PC to control the operation of your AutoStripYou start the wire production task by loading a harness file from the computer's disk. The WireManager software automatically downloads the data for each wire to the AutoStrip and instructs the AutoStrip to run each wire. The user can specify the order in which wires are produced and inhibit the production of selected wires. The WireManager software will prompt the operator when a different wire type must be loaded or when the characters on a manual wire marker need to be changed. The WireManager software can also be programmed to automatically interrupt production for certain conditions, such as the next wire or a wire with a user-set "pause-flag" WireManager also includes a feature called "Wire Meter". When enabled, the Wire Meter maintains a file that lists the amount of each type of wire that was used for the last job and a cumulative total of wire that has been used. WireManager software enables you to store virtually an unlimited number of harness files. It increases your productivity by minimizing repetitive data entry and reducing the possibility of operator error. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
  • WirePro Software for Windows enables you to create large wire list files with virtually no limit on the amount of data stored. It provides direct, error-free downloading of wire list data from the PC to the AutoTab and to the AutoStrip. WirePro provides instant recall of previously run wire lists, and it prompts the operator to select the correct wire type, color, and gauge when changing wire spools. With its wire meter, the WirePro software also records the amount of wire usage that has been processed.  Wire list files can be sorted either by wire gauge, stock or part number. The WirePro software is easy to understand and operate. It uses simple dialog boxes to enable the operator to select a wire file, download it to the AutoStrip and the AutoTab, and start production. The operator can pause production at any time. When a wire-fault has been detected by the optional Spark Tester, the monitor displays a fault-recovery dialog box which provides the operator with various options for resuming production.


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