WirePro Software for Windows enables you to create large wire list files with virtually no limit on the amount of data stored. It provides direct, error-free downloading of wire list data from the PC to the AutoTab and to the AutoStrip. WirePro provides instant recall of previously run wire lists, and it prompts the operator to select the correct wire type, color, and gauge when changing wire spools. With its wire meter, the WirePro software also records the amount of wire usage that has been processed.  Wire list files can be sorted either by wire gauge, stock or part number. The WirePro software is easy to understand and operate. It uses simple dialog boxes to enable the operator to select a wire file, download it to the AutoStrip and the AutoTab, and start production. The operator can pause production at any time. When a wire-fault has been detected by the optional Spark Tester, the monitor displays a fault-recovery dialog box which provides the operator with various options for resuming production.