Small steel cables also know as steel rope are used for everything from automotive clutches to Bicycle breaking systems to electronic security devices in retail stores. The problem is processing steel cable is extremely difficult. Even when processing the smallest of steel cables this can cause stress and damage to most electric stripper’s blades and motors. There are many dynamics that happen to metals during the cut process. These dynamics are like micro explosions that generate heat which can cause metal warping and metal damage. Eubanks has found a solution with the 2745-06 Cutter and its special exclusive steel cutting tooling. The tooling is designed to cut and withstand the dynamic stresses and heat generated when cutting steel cables for prolong periods. Even case hardened steel.

Equipped with the standard tooling, the 2745-05 can cut and strip soft solid and soft stranded steel cables up to a maximum O.D. of .250” (6.3mm).

Download the Eubanks Engineering Model 2745-06 specifications for more detailed information.


The 2745-06 cuts steel cable using a special proprietary cut blade. The unique blade can be rotated to extend the cut life. The 2745-06’s production screen can display the estimated pieces per hour being produced at the current feed speed. The production screen also displays an estimated time of completion. The heavy-duty 2745-06 is the perfect unit for cutting plastic encapsulated steel rope, soft bare steel cables and also case-harden cables.

User Friendly Programming

The 2745-06 is microprocessor-controlled, highly reliable, and easy to operate. It stores up to 1,000 programs containing separate wire length, batch quantity, and wire mark spacing parameters. The 2745-05 has build in wire marking controls for pairing a wire marker. From its console, the operator can select and run programs, step the machine through a complete cycle, and switch from single- to multiple-action. It can easily be converted from inch to metric measurements via the machine’s keyboard. It can display in 6 different languages and also has self diagnostics. It also has length correction compensating fields designed to fine tune to the best exact length tolerance possible.


Our pneumatic strippers and cutters use unique hand machined precision die blades and blocks. These setups last years, and deliver the best quality cut available. During the strip function, the blades butt-up against one another cutting perfectly around the circumference of the conductor. During the pull to strip, the insulation is held by perfectly by both top and bottom strip blades giving a perfect linear pull when stripping. The end result is a perfect 180° square cut of the insulation without any damage to the conductor.

We design and manufacture all our own blades using our proprietary processes. These processes assure high-precision performance over a long service life. This is where Eubanks clearly excels. We can design special tooling to do cut strip and slit on parallel wires and also offset stripping. Customers have learned to rely on our extensive strip-blade expertise as they adapt to new insulations and tough applications.