The Eubanks Model 4600 has been a robust, workhorse machine cutting all sorts of flat cable, plastic tubing, wire, tape and other linear materials to preset lengths for more than 20 years. Reliability, long life and precision have been its hallmarks. This new Model 4600-03 has been redesigned to extend all these characteristics and take advantage of the latest technologies. Enhancements include a new quick-release wire-loading mechanism and new cutter mechanics designed to extend blade life. This new updated cutter also sports a smart new industrial design. It is smaller than previous versions, weighing only 85 lbs. (39kg). And there are some 30 percent fewer parts, which further improves reliability. Fully CE compliant, the Model 4600-03 converts quickly from 115 to 230V operation and from inch to metric measurement. The machine is fully microprocessor-controlled so users can program both cut lengths and batch quantities by simple keyboard input. For more information please download Eubanks Engineering's Model 4600 Tubing and Flat-Cable Cutter product specifications.