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Microprocessor-controlled Model 67510 marks wire and cuts it to length. Electrode of optional spark tester is behind red plate.

Wire length, batch count, mark location, dwell-time, wire drive speed, and acceleration-declaration rates are all set by computer in the machines described below. Marking discs are rotated manually,*

Setup data is entered from a keyboard on the machine or remotely through the machine's RS232 Interface. As many as 90 programs of computer-controlled functions may be stored in memory, which has a battery backup.


You can place marks exactly where you want them by specifying:


The distance from the wire end to the first mark
(same on both ends).


The number of closely spaced marks near the wire ends and the distance between them.

3. The distance between marks in the center
of the wire.

A typical program might have four markings at 3-inch intervals at each end of the wire, with the first markings two inches from the wire ends, and mid-zone markings spaced 12 inches apart.

RAPID WIRE MOVEMENT - A servo motor moves the wire at a maximum rate of 71" (1803mm) per second, with programmable acceleration / deceleration between marking cycles. Production rates vary with wire length and distance between marks. As an example, wires 36" long (914mm) with marks every 3" (76mm) can be produced at a rate of 1,000 per hour.

WIRE SIZES - 0.035" to 0.150" O.D. (0.89-3.81mm) standard. Up to 0.300" O.D. (7.6mm), depending on insulation type, with modification kit.

WIRE LENGTH - 1" to 99,999" in increments of 0.01", or 20mm to 99,999mm in 0.1mm increments.

BATCH COUNT - 1 to 99,999 wires.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Ten printing discs, three anvils, wire straightener, RS232 interface, collecting tube for short wires, and an operating and maintenance manual. A set of cut and strip blades and a strip block are supplied with machines equipped for cutting and stripping.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Motorized coiling pan, up to 20 additional marking discs, quick-change disc assembly, quick-change foil support assembly, additional cutterhead assemblies, prefeed, stacker for long wires, table, and large wire modification kit.

INSULATION TESTER - An optional high-frequency sine wave spark tester is available for testing the integrity of the wire insulation after marking. If the insulation fails the spark test (because of excessive disc temperature, pressure or dwell-time, or because of a manufacturing defect in the wire), the machine will stop, mark the wire in the same spot three times to create a smudge, and feed a 15-inch (381mm) length of wire to clear the machine of the damaged section. The control panel will display an error message, calling the operator's attention to the problem.

Control panel and display of microprocessor controlled wire marking system. Data may be entered at the machine or at a remote PC connected to the machine's RS232 interface.

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