The Eubanks AutoTab Wire Marking System comprises a series of computer-controlled machines whose printing discs are set automatically, along with wire length, batch count, distance between marks, air pressure, dwell time, wire drive speed, and acceleration and deceleration rates. A monitor displays all computer-controlled functions, which may be changed from the keyboard or from a host computer. One of these, the Model 77200 AutoTab, operates in line with an AutoStrip Automatic Wire Stripper.

The Model 77200 AutoTab is a fully programmable hot stamp wire marker that operates in line with the AutoStrip. It links production planning software and wire processing to provide you with completely automatic marking, cutting and stripping. The Model 77200 selects marking characters quickly and accurately and places marks along the wire exactly where you want them. Printing discs are set automatically, along with stamp pressure, dwell time, distance from the end of the wire to the first mark and distance between marks. Temperature is set manually.

The Model 77200 AutoTab includes Eubanks’ WirePro for Windows software, which enables you to create large wire list files on your PC and provides direct, error-free downloading of wire list data from the PC to the AutoStrip and the 77200. It provides instant recall of previously run wire lists and it prompts the operator to select the correct wire type, color and gauge when changing wires. The WirePro for Windows software is easy to understand and was designed so that non-technical personnel can operate the 77200. It uses simple dialog boxes to enable the operator to select a wire file, download it to the AutoStrip and the AutoTab and start production. The operator can interrupt production at any time. When a wire-fault has been detected by the splice detector or the optional 64055 Spark Tester, the PC’s monitor displays a fault-recovery dialog box that provides the operator with various options for resuming production.