The new Eubanks Model 6380 Benchtop Prefeed is a heavy-duty machine that offers the advantages of a reel-driven wire delivery system. It provides the wire processor with slack wire on demand assuring optimum wire length accuracy and reducing stress on the processor’s drive mechanism.

A heavy-duty, one-half horsepower motor lets it deliver fast ramp-up and ramp-down speeds with instant response. This means no lag in starting and no over-run when the wire stripper stops. At reel rotation speeds of up to 600 rpm, it is fast enough to keep up with any wire processor. When the prefeed is used with Eubanks AutoStrip machines, the wire stripper will shut down in the event of a jam or tangle at the prefeed and the prefeed will stop when the wire stripper stops.

This new benchtop unit offers two modes of operation. In the demand mode, the speed increases or decreases in response to wire processor demand. An adjustable continuous feed mode is used for fragile wire, e.g. 28 AWG. It also has a manual jog switch for easy wire loading and unloading.