Precision High-Speed Pneumatic Stripper Wire Bender

The 3230 is a high speed machine that automatically cuts, strips and bends solid conductor wire to make printed s circuit board jumpers at rates of 8,500 pieces per hour.

Download the Eubanks Engineering 3230 Wire Stripper/Bender specifications for more detailed information.


The model 3230 is powered by compressed air and electrically controlled.  A pneumatic clamp grips the wire and carries it into the cutting and forming head.  The clamp travel, which determines the wire length, is regulated by the stroke of an air cylinder.  This can be changes quickly and precisely by means of a micrometer adjustment.

At the end of the cylinder stroke, the wire stops momentarily. The blades close to cut the insulation and to sever the conductor, then a bending die drives forward, pushing off the insulation and bending the stripped ends in a single operation.


The Model 3230 Wire Stripper Bender performs work that previously could only be done only slowly and tediously by hand.  It automatically measures, cuts, strips and forms insulated or bare wire at rates up to 8,500 pieces per hour.  Each finished jumper is exactly the right length, the strip is clean and the conductor is neither nicked nor scrapped.  The ends are stripped exactly the length required for the board, thus eliminating the trimming that is required when handmade jumpers are used

Stripped ends are bent at slightly less than 90 degrees to the insulated portion so that spring tension will hold the jumper in place on the circuit board until solder is applied.  Wire Lengths can be changes in a minute or two.  Bending Die and blade changes, which are required for differences in wire sizes and strip lengths, may be made within three to four minutes.


Our pneumatic strippers use unique hand machined precision die blades and blocks. These setups last years, and deliver the best quality strip available.  During the strip function, the blades butt-up against one another cutting perfectly around the circumference of the conductor.  During the pull to strip, the insulation is held by perfectly by both top and bottom strip blades giving a perfect linear pull when stripping.  The end result is a perfect 180° square cut of the insulation without any damage to the conductor.

We design and manufacture all our own blades using our proprietary processes. These processes assure high-precision performance over a long service life.  This is where Eubanks clearly excels.  We can design special tooling to do cut strip and bend.  On other Eubanks models we can strip slit parallel wires and also offset stripping.  Customers have learned to rely on our extensive strip-blade expertise as they adapt to new insulations and tough applications.