Model 16800-01 Heavy-Duty Motorized Coiling Station

Model 16800-01 Heavy-Duty Motorized Coiling Station

The 16800 Heavy-Duty Motorized Coiling Station is primarily designed to collect and coil large gauge wires. Managing large wires is difficult. Managing large-gauge, long-length wires is not only time consuming but tiresome. The longer the length of the wire the heavier the coil weights. The 16800 Station can collect and manage coils with a maximum weight up to 75 lbs. (34 kg). It is an ideal accessory for our large wire Air powered strippers’ models 2900-05, 2940-05, 4000-05 and Model 4040-05.

The 16800 Coiling Station starts and stops in response to a signal from the stripper. It coils properly even during the rapid start-stop action encounter when marking wire. A Capstan/Coil Forming Frame inside the 16800 Station not only helps form the coil, but also pulls the trailing end of the wire or cable free and out from the stripper. The Capstan also suspends the coil providing plenty of clearance underneath the coil for comfortably grabbing it, and pulling it out of the pan. Capstans can be custom made through special order to accommodate various size coil diameters.

For more detailed information please download the Model 16800-01 Heavy-Duty Motorized Coiling Station product specifications.


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