The 4000 has the same features as the 2900, but is equipped with two tandem-cutterheads that are controlled independently. Tandem-cutterheads allow you to strip up to 100” on the leading end and 4” on the trailing end. This designed is ideal for processing large power cords. Equipped with the standard tooling, the 4000 can cut and strip single stranded conduct wires ranging from 10 to 2 AWG (31.4mm2 up to 68.9mm2), with a maximum O.D. of .470” (11.9mm). With optional tooling and modification kits, the 4000 can process wires down to 18 AWG (0.96 mm2). The 4000 can also process a wide variety of cable types such as round or flat multi-conductor cable, parallel conductor cable with 2, 3 or 4 conductors, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable made of plastic or glass and even with Kevlar reinforced fibers. It’s so flexible that it can process wire lengths from 4 in. to 8,333 feet (102mm to 2,540m).

The 4000 cuts and strips both ends of the wire or cable in a single cycle in normal operation mode. When activating the long strip function, the right cutter head will strip up to 100”(254cm) in desired sectional stripping lengths. The left Cutterhead strips the trailing end up to a maximum length of 4”(102mm). The 4000’s production screen can display the estimated pieces per hour being produced at the current feed speed. The production screen also displays an estimated time of completion.

Download the Eubanks Engineering AirStrip 4000 specifications for more detailed information.

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