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Eubanks Model 77610 Auto Tab is designed to operate with an AutoStrip machine.While the Model 77200 AutoTab is designed to operate with an AutoStrip machine, there are other AutoTab models that operate independently. They all include the features described above except that they do not run WirePro for Windows software. Every AutoTab includes programmable mark placement, which enables you to place marks exactly where you want them by specifying:
1. The distance from the wire end to the first mark (same on both ends). 2. The number of closely spaced marks near the wire ends and the distance between them. 3. The distance between marks in the middle of the wire. A typical program might have four marks at three-inch intervals at each end of the wire, with the first marks two inches from the wire ends, and mid-zone marks spaced 12 inches apart. These stand-alone AutoTab wire markers may be ordered in any of the following configurations:

Model 77505 -- Marks and cuts to length
Model 77510 -- Marks and cuts length, with with spark tester
Model 77605 -- Marks, cuts and strips
Model 77610 -- Marks,cuts and strips, with spark tester
Model 77215 -- Marks and shows cut point*
Model 77225 -- Marks and shows cut point, with spark tester

* Used for continuous filament harness laying. Machine has a separate marking device in place of cutterhead.

Manually-Set Hot Stamp Wire Markers

Like the programmable markers described above, the manual markers have printing discs, which are rotated to change the marks placed on the wire. They are described as "manual" because the discs are rotated by hand instead of automatically. These include microprocessor-controlled machines as well as more basic machines.

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