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Model 67200 Wire & Tube Marking Machine

Eubanks Model 67200 wire marking machineThis machine does not have feed rolls to drive the wire. Wire is pulled through the machine manually or by an automatic wire stripper equipped with marker controls. It may be used with a Eubanks Automatic Wire Stripper equipped with marker controls for either end-marking or continuous marking at set intervals.

An AutoStrip machine, when used with a Model 67200, provides the same control of mark placement as the AutoTab Wire Markers.

The marking discs may be separated into two groups when the machine is used for end-marking. When used for end-mark- with a Eubanks AutoStrip, Model 2700 IV, or -V, or Model 1000-II, -III, or -IV Automatic Wire Stripper, the marker need not be repositioned when wire lengths are changed. When used with an earlier model Eubanks wire stripper for end-marking, the marker must be repositioned when wire lengths are changed. A traveling rack and dolly is available for this purpose.

In the semi automatic mode, the operator pulls the wire or tubing through by hand and presses a foot switch to operate the Model 67200.

WIRE SIZES 0.035" to 0.250" O.D. (0.89 - 6.35mm) standard. Up to 0.500" O.D. (12.7mm) with conversion kit. Larger O.D. sizes are evaluated on an individual basis.

DIMENSIONS - 11" H x 19" W x 19" D (279 x 483 x 483mm).

SHIPPING WEIGHT - 1 Approximately 55lbs. (25kg).

Model 67260 Dual Head Wire and Tube Marker

This dual-head version of the Model 67200 (described above) is used for end-marking wires with long strip lengths and for applications that require printing two marks at a time, with the last character of the second mark located more than 3.5" (88mm) from the first character of the first mark Spark Tester The Model 64055 high frequency sine wave spark tester is used in line with a marking machine to check the integrity of the wire insulation. If the insulation fails the spark test, the marking machine stops and a fault light turns on.

Eubanks Model 67400 wire marking machineModel 67400

This machine has motor-driven feed rolls and controls for long- and short interval marking. The center-to-center spacing between marks may be adjusted from 1/4" to 4" (6.35 - 102mm) for close spacing and from 4" to 24" (102- 610mm) for long spacing. A two-stage foot switch controls the intervals. When the operator presses the foot switch to the first stage, the machine marks at close intervals. With the switch pressed all the way down, it marks at long intervals. A switch on the control panel can be used instead of the foot switch for automatic marking. The

Model 67400 may also be used in-line with a Eubanks automatic wire stripper for high-production marking, cutting and stripping. When used in this way, the marker\ feed rolls are disengaged. When used alone, its feed rolls pull the wire from right to left. This machine is also available as Model 67450, which pulls the wire from left to right. The model 67450 can be used alone or in conjunction with Eubanks wire strippers man manufactured prior to 1982.

WIRE SIZES - 0.035" to 0.150" O.D. (0.89 3.81mm) standard. Up to 0250" OD. (6.35mm) with conversion kit.

DIMENSIONS - 11"H x 19"W x 19"D (279 x 483 x 483mm).

SHIPPING WEIGHT - Approximately 80lbs. (36kg).

Model 64300 Spark Tester

Model 64300
Spark Tester

This high frequency, sine-wave spark tester checks the integrity of wire insulation. It can be interfaced to Eubanks AutoStrip wire strippers (Models 4900, 7400, 8000 and 9800) and pneumatic wire strippers (Series V and Model 1000). It is often used in line with wire markers such as Models 67200, 67260 or 77200 to check the insulation after the wire is marked. Should the insulation fail a spark test, a fault light turns on and the tester signals the wire stripper to stop feeding the wire.


Output Voltage: 500 volts to 15 KV R.M.S.
Height: 18 in. (457 mm)
Length: 16 in. (406 mm)
Width: 19 in. (483 mm)
Weight: 57 lbs. (26 kg)
Shipping Weight: 62 lbs. (28 kg)
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